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A healthier planet starts here. With you. And with us. ClearShift converts major pollution sources such as flare gas, methane, and industrial carbon dioxide (“CO2”) into clean, more sustainable, specialty chemicals that are used every day. Our process consumes less water and less energy per gallon than legacy oil-based chemicals, and we produce no by-products (such as sulfur or tar).

ClearShift is reducing the world’s carbon emissions, reducing our reliance on oil, and helping us all become more sustainable.

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Solutions Turn pollution into profits

We call it “responsible revenue.” ClearShift increases your company’s sustainability by transforming your CO2 pollution and flare gas into a new, environmentally conscious profit center for you.

  • Flare Elimination

    Convert flare gas and methane from a refinery, well pad, or gas plant into valuable specialty chemicals. We reduce your carbon footprint and increase your company’s sustainability, while generating additional revenue for you.

    Flare Elimination

  • CO2 Capture

    Transform industrial CO2 from your fermentation facility, gas processing facility, chemical plant, or other sources into valuable specialty chemicals, effectively sequestering the CO2.

    CO2 Capture

  • Traditional Gas Solutions

    Increase the value of your pipeline gas or ethane by transforming it into clean, valuable specialty chemicals.

    Traditional Gas Solutions

  • Additional Solutions

    Our process can decrease your carbon footprint by processing other waste streams from digesters, landfills, pyrolysis, plastics manufacturing, gasification, and many more.

    Additional Solutions

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Products High purity. Low carbon footprint. Without sacrificing performance.

No sulfur, no heavy metals, virtually no aromatics. Always clear. With ClearShift’s high purity products, you get enhanced quality while decreasing your environmental footprint. That’s the ClearShift Promise.

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Our Mission

ClearShift is dedicated to producing ultra-pure, environmentally friendly specialty chemicals using our next generation gas-to-liquids process which reduces the amount of CO2 released into the atmosphere.

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Our Technology

We convert various carbon sources, such as methane, flare gas, or CO2, into straight chain hydrocarbons which we then purify into clean specialty chemicals. Our process utilizes the patented GreyCat™ catalyst, a next-generation GTL technology licensed from Greyrock Energy.


Our two standard sized modular systems were designed to fit on pad sites and consume either 500 mscfd or 2,500 mscfd and produce 2,000 or 11,000 gallons per day of liquid specialty chemicals. These systems can be installed in parallel to accommodate significantly larger volumes.


Our large-scale, permanent systems consume between 3 MMscfd and 50 MMscfd and produce 12,000 to 225,000 gallons per day of liquid specialty chemicals.

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